Our Team

The Team


David Simnick

CEO & Co-Founder

Dave loves big ideas. He called Eric late one night with the idea for SoapBox Soaps. “What if a company could change the world through empowering customers to change it through simple, everyday purchases?” Okay. So it wasn’t that articulate, but it was a start. Dave’s the guy who will abruptly stop talking during a conversation to analyze a TV commercial’s message, and then furiously write down ideas in his notebook.


Daniel Doll

President & COO

Dan gets stuff done. If you wanted something done yesterday, call Dan today. He’s the guy who’s able to balance 10 different things on his plate while still being able to navigate time travel. You know those people that consistently amaze you when it comes to getting things done. Yeah. That’s him. He’s got vision for where this company should go and puts in the effort everyday to execute it.


Dennis Byrd

Director of Business Development

Dennis is a people’s person. Born and raised just outside of Atlanta, he developed his Southern charm and a knack for storytelling. People love talking with him, and he always makes their day. Whether it’s singing a tune in the office, helping a retailer with a store launch, answering a SoapBox customer question, he somehow always manages to put a smile on your face.


Jason Rosen

Graphic Designer

Jason is a dreamer. A native Washingtonian and local musician, Jason is the creative mind behind the design. With great attention to detail, he makes sure your soap looks as clean as it feels. When he is not up all night behind his computer monitor, Jason enjoys guitars, coffee, and vintage cars. Jason is the kind of guy that won’t quit until the job is complete, his motto: Giving to others multiplies and comes back to reward you with good karma.


Kristen Cleveland


Kristen is a Baltimore-based photographer who brings her worldly experience from her extensive travel photography to the SoapBox team. She has seen the problems SoapBox aim to solve first hand, and is excited to be working with a great team to help solve them.


Dylan Hughes

CRM Intern

Dylan loves efficiency. He has a knack for finding the fastest way from point A to B and the best tool to get there. A programmer, he has an understanding of computers and algorithms that helps him streamline both electronic and physical business processes. He’s a hardworking, good-looking, easygoing intern that isn’t afraid to speak his mind and will do what it takes to get things done.


Kelly Brady

Special Projects

Kelly is a rising senior at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where she is studying International Studies and Entrepreneurship. Her interest in giving back and working with a start-up drew her to SoapBox. Her charisma and compassion shows through in all her wok.


Erik Spatz

Business Development Associate

Erik, the intern chameleon. He is capable of switching and adapting from task to task on a dime. No matter what the task involves, he is on the move to make sure it gets done as quickly as possible. You have a large project? A small chore? He is ready to make things happen, just ask and you can be sure he’s got it covered.


Ki’tay Davidson

Business Development Associate

Ki’tay believes in the power of people and knows that a little bit of love goes a long way. A southside dreamer from the outskirts of Chicago, he thrives in the midst of project management and development. On any given day, you will find Ki’tay reading news articles, volunteering in the community and reflecting on how to change the world.

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